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patients of Smile Arts DentalWe actually look forward to visiting this professional, caring practice.

"Dr. Balaban has a technologically advanced practice and a great "chairside" manner. We moved to Florida 3 years ago but still head back to Carmel for dental treatment and cleanings every June because you don't change the best for an unknown. When I recently developed a problem with a tooth, I used a Groupon to see a dentist down here in Orlando to get a handle on whether it could wait till our annual drive to Indiana.

The dentist in Florida said I needed a crown and had a cavity. The quote for crowning the cracked tooth by the Orlando dentist was so high, I was able to fly to Indianapolis, have my tooth crowned and my teeth (pleasantly) cleaned in two hours. The replacement crown is made right there in the Carmel office. Even counting in the airfare, it cost me hundreds less to have the work done by someone I trust implicitly - and everything finished in one day. Surprise, surprise, the cavity diagnosed in Florida turns out not to exist according to Smile Arts Dental's more advanced xrays. We actually look forward to visiting this professional, caring practice."

-Natalie and Gloria Green, Orlando, FL

No other dentist that measures up to him or his staff.

I am writing this letter to strongly recommend, Dr. Alex Balaban, a Dentist who I respect for his professional skills and the great care that he has given for all my dental needs.

I started seeing Dr. Balaban almost two years ago and upon my first meeting with him I felt very comfortable ad relaxed during my checkups and other dental work. Over the years I've dealt with other dentist who were sub-par at best, which kept me away from regular dental visits. Dr. Balaban also reminded me a lot of my childhood dentist who was caring, professional, and highly skilled in dentistry. Over the last ten years I had become more self-conscious on how my teeth looked to other people, which would cause me to never smile because of it. During my initial visits with Dr. Balaban I became interested in having the space between my front teeth corrected and fill in the spaces where I had missing teeth. Dr. Balaban explained to me the different procedures to correct my teeth from braces and implants to the porcelain veneers, which I have now. I initially started small, with bridgework on my top right side where I had two missing teeth. Within about hour Dr. Balaban had crafted a temporary bridge while I waited for my permanent porcelain bridge to be made. I was very impressed with Dr. Balaban's skill on the temporary bridge, which looked like real teeth. Within a week I was fitted with my permanent porcelain bridge. So impressed with Dr. Balaban's work I decided to get the rest of the process completed for the restoration of my smile sooner than I had planed. The whole process had taken about two months from beginning to end due to Dr. Balaban's attention to detain on making sure my new teeth looked great with the proper shade of white and fit to the correct bite. When I left his office and sat down in my car I looked into the rear view mirror, where I was mesmerized by the perfect teeth and smile staring back at me. Dr. Balaban has always had the highest ethics and his integrity is unquestionable. He has surrounded himself with a staff of very qualified and caring professionals who put the patient first. I would recommend Dr. Balaban for all of your dental needs. In my opinion there is no other dentist that measure up to him or his staff.

His approach produced first-class results.

I was recommended implant for one tooth which had previously been crowned and the root were in a poor condition for continuing crowning. The process involved three areas, the Implant Surgery, the Dental Surgery and the Dental Technic, each playing an important part. I really appreciate the work done in each of these areas but by only one specialist - Alex Balaban. His skills care and consideration and truly revolutionary approach to implant dentistry has produced first class results, the finished tooth looks and feels quite natural.

I would certainly recommend Smile Arts Dental to anybody requiring the attention that I needed. Smile Arts Dental is a delightfully equipped modern environment, with friendly staff showing thought and care for their patients. My operation was carried out swiftly and skilfully and quite painlessly with local anesthetic. Each stage was recorded visually on computer so that I could see what happened. I was impressed with the quality of graphic recording and making a crown by computer during only 9 minutes. I would not hesitate to return to Smile Arts Dental for another implant if I ever needed one in the future and I would strongly recommend you to anyone else who might need such treatment.

I Tell Dr. Balaban that he is my Prince...

I Tell Dr. Balaban that he is my Prince Charming because like Sleeping Beauty, I go to sleep for awhile ( sleep dentistry is the best! and the only reason I am able to get needed dental work done ), and when I wake up I see his smiling face. I ask him to kiss me to wake me up like Prince Charming, but he won't d that. What he does is take care of my badly needed dental work with care, expertise, charm, help from incredibly warm and caring staff, and everything you'd want in a dentist. I have EXTREMELY sensitive teeth, and he's the first dentist who actually BELIEVES me when I tell him any touch of metal to my teeth HURTS. He's my Prince Charming!