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The Importance of Regular Dental Visits

Written By Smile Arts Dental on September 14, 2021

Regular Dental Visits Smile Arts Dental

Covid-19 caused daily activities to grind to a halt. With the population in quarantine for almost a year, many people found themselves missing important medical appointments that could not be conducted over Zoom or the phone, like routine dental cleanings. In the interest of general health, dental visits were forced to take a backseat. 

Now that public places have reopened, there’s no better time to schedule your return visit to Smile Arts Dental in Carmel. 

Benefits of Regular Dental Care

Beyond aesthetics, there are several reasons to maintain your smile. Regular dental cleanings are essential to preventing tartar build-up, the formation of cavities, possible tooth loss, and gum disease. Unfortunately, while a comprehensive at-home routine is important, no amount of brushing can remove tartar, especially after a year without regular dental visits. Tartar build-up can lead to bacterial infections and even gum disease, which can cause serious complications if combined with Covid-19. 

According to scientists, Covid-19 patients with gum disease were three times more likely to require hospital or ICU admission and assisted ventilation. Despite the prevalence of vaccinations, Covid-19 is still here, so it’s more important than ever to resume your regular dental visits as soon as possible. 

Choose Smile Arts Dental for Preventive Care

The staff at Smile Arts Dental is committed to keeping your smile beautiful and healthy, and our doctors have the education and experience to back it up. Dr. Alex Balaban has been practicing dentistry for more than 15 years and is a member of several prestigious medical organizations, including the Indiana Dental Association, Indianapolis District Dental Society, Invisalign, Lumineers, Perio Institute of Implantology, and DOCS-Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation. 

Dr. Alex Balaban has been practicing denitstry for more than 20 years. Focused on Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry, he is a member of the Indiana Dental Association, Indianapolis District Dental Society, DOCS-Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation, Invisalign, Lumineers, and Perio Institute of Implantology. At Smile Arts Dental, you can rest assured that you and your smile will be receiving the best possible care. 

Looking to restore your smile and keep yourself healthy? To schedule your dental cleaning at Smile Arts Dental, call (317) 575-1955 or request an appointment.

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