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Dental Implants in Carmel - Why They're a Better Option Than Bridges

Written By Smile Arts Dental on November 18, 2019

implantFor years, dental bridges have been the go-to answer for replacing a single missing tooth. 

These days, though, more people are opting for dental implants in Carmel. Should you?

Today, you’ll find out what the difference is between these two dental options and why your Carmel dentist is more likely to recommend implants over bridges. 

What’s the Difference Between a Bridge and Dental Implants in Carmel?

First, let’s look at the pros and cons of a dental bridge. Then, you’ll see why dental implants likely to be your dentist’s preferred treatment option. 

What Is a Dental Bridge? 

A dental bridge is like three dental crowns fused together. The purpose of it is to fill in the gap between two teeth after you’ve lost the tooth in between them. 

The pros: 

  • It can last for years
  • It maintains the space between the teeth. 

The cons: 

  • Risk of recurrent decay 
  • Not easy to clean
  • The two healthy abutment teeth must be reduced in size for the bridge to fit
  • More pressure is put upon the abutment teeth, which puts them at risk for fracturing. 

Why You Should Try Dental Implants Instead

Replacing a missing tooth with an implant is ideal. 

For one thing, you don’t have to do anything to the teeth adjacent to the implant. 

Second, the implant is made of metal, meaning it’s able to take the force put upon it during mastication. 

Finally, you can brush and floss normally. 

Implants Are More Affordable Than Ever Before

If you’ve been holding off getting an implant due to cost, there’s some good news! Dental implants have become more affordable for many patients, and some insurance companies are willing to pay for at least a portion of them. Talk to your Carmel dental team to learn more about your options. 

Are you interested in getting dental implants? Contact us today at 317-575-1995 to schedule a consultation and exam. We’ll see if you’re a good candidate for this procedure and answer your questions. 


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